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Monday, 7 April 2014

How to Choose the Most Appropriate Hot Runner as your Moldmaking Technology Partner?, plastic molding is a tedious job and thus, it stands immensely important to take care of certain points and aspects while choosing a hot runner for this molding job. The first question that arises is: what you should look for while short listing a Hot Runner System? There is no one or two, but many independent hot runner suppliers in the market, they have numerous choices and several types of systems to serve your demands. Features, prices, functions, etc., are a few key points that you should focus on. Check whether they have Hot Runner Controller feature? What other parts do they have to efficiently perform the molding of the plastic parts? Are they appropriate to solve the purpose of Hot Runner Injection Molding or not?

A hot runner system is made up of several useful parts like nozzles, valve gates, hot sprue brushes, edge gates, multi-tips, etc. All these parts play their own role in giving a high design flexibility to the system. If the hot runner system has the ability to locate the gate at a wide variety of points, it is counted as an advantageous set up. These systems use hot tip gating, valve gating and even edge gating in order to place the respective gates at their most favorable location to ensure the optimum filling and part aesthetics. This flexibility of the hot runners is not only restricted to gating, but it can also take care of the molds in optimizing cavity orientation, cooling and mold simplification. Visit our website to understand the hot runners briefly.

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