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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Reliable, Superior, Advanced Hot Runner Technology from Hot Runner System Suppliers

If you are using cold runner systems, you can continue with technologies a decade old. However, when it comes to producing simple or complicated, small or large products with fine dimensional tolerances, superior strength and high quality finish, only hot runner molds will serve the purpose. There is less wastage, less consumption of energy and faster, high volume production through this route. The only drawback is that hot runner molds can be terribly expensive and must be made using the best design and materials in hot runner technology to perform reliably and last for a long time.  

Hot runner system suppliers are constantly refining design and manufacturing techniques. You can see this in the way molds have more cavities than ever packed in to a smaller size. This is achieved due to advanced in nozzles such as the pin point gate, single tip and multitip point gates, sequential multi-tips and similar sophistication. Along the chain there have been improvements in manifold design and construction to ensure even distribution of heated material. German hot runner heaters have a reputation for reliability and when used with intelligent temperature controllers with computerized PLCs, assure high performance. The point is not to view the components in isolation but to consider that the parts make up the whole and perfect integration of technology and components define the mold, its performance, cost and durability.  Competition is intense and only superior, advanced technology from well-established system designers and manufacturers helps you stay ahead. Instead of looking to European or American suppliers, look at some Far East manufacturers who have put it all together in a sophisticated, affordable package.

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