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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Anole, One name that specializes in meticulous injection molding with the help of its high quality hot runner systems
Once, only cold runners were used for the injection molding process, then what made the Hot Runner Solutions far more applicable and beneficial? It is a commonly asked question, but we have a simple as far as a proven answer for the same. Our hot runner systems comprise of different series of channels using which they are able to distribute the molten plastic evenly. This has made our hot runner systems known as the important and successful components of the injection molding machines. We have introduced our hot runners with a few to name excellent features like, nozzle, temperature controller etc. What is the role of Mold Temperature Controller? When the hot runner can sometimes burn the parts of your machine, Hot Runner Temperature Controller keeps an eye on the overall system and its procedures. It helps maintain a precision while preparing the plastic objects from the plastic molds. 

What other Hot Runner Solutions does Anole provides? From designing the first prototype till the completion of the final product, we make sure to maintain high quality precision. There are certain technical and logistical problems that may occur later in the production phase; with a specialized and professional team, we ensure to alleviate most of them. So, we not only let you work efficiently during the production phase but we also help you save a lot of money on the post-design modifications. For further details visit our website.

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