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Friday, 7 December 2012

The Best Tooling Machines to Make Good Hot Runner System

Anole injection technology Co. Ltd. is the best Chinese brand hot runner manufacturer for the following reasons:

All the heaters are imported from Germany, we only use the best brand heaters and heating element-hottest heaters and thermocouple, all the customers must know that as a hot runner system. the most important technology is the precise dimensions and the most important spare part are the heating elements .Anole hot runner manufacturing equipment uses the best heating element-hottest which imported from Germany. Hottest heater is one of the best and most famous heating elements suppliers in the world; Hottest Germany has specialized in developing and production of heating elements. In Ludenscheid and Malta they manufacture high quality heating elements both as sock range and customer specific designed e. g. for plastics processing, packaging and die-casting industries.

They assure worldwide trusted logistics concepts. Subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore, China and Malta, a worldwide key account service and a growing distribution network enables hottest to be represented in 44 countries. In 2003, Anole signed an agreement to be the sole agent of hottest heaters in China. Hottest also specializes in Customer specific solutions: as an engineering service provider they optimize and design more and more complete heating systems for industrial applications. Therefore the organization breaks new ground and provides its customers with new products an essential competitive advantage.

What are the best tooling machines to make good hot runner system?

In Anole, every hot runner manufacturing equipments has very precise and good energy saving function so the benefit will be balanced in the customers. We have 6 deep hole tooling machines to tool the manifold to gain the best surface of the runner.12CNC lathe machine.

Anole hot runner manufacturer equipment consists of hot runner nozzles hot manifold system, temperature control system and also other heating elements. We also customize the hot runner system according to the customer's requirements to choose the most suitable hot runner manufacturing equipments.

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