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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Invest In The Hot Runner System With Internal Nozzles

If you are planning to invest in a hot runner system, it is definitely a wise idea on your part. This is because there are plenty of benefits that you can expect to get from such a system especially when it is the question of application in the molding activities. In fact, any person or any company that is associated with the designing or repairing of injection molds is well aware of the importance of these hot runners.  It not only reduces the wastage of materials, while at the same time, also reduces the task of maintenance.

Internal Or External Option:

These runners are no doubt beneficial for the production of mold. However, the hot runner nozzle might be subjected to leaks, which in turn, might increase the risks. Therefore, eliminating the risks associated with the leaks is very essential. However, people are often confused in the selection of the internal or the external nozzle, so that the production process can be improved, while money can also be saved. However, if you thoroughly research, you will find that larger numbers of companies go for the internal nozzles because they are not only sealed completely, but at the same time, they also save lots of money.

Rare Spare Parts:

A hot runner system with internal nozzle generally has lesser spare parts. Te requirements of the parts are also quite rare, because there are very lesser chances of leakage. There are many companies that have been effectively using these systems with internal nozzles for a long time without any repair. Only little maintenance can help the system with its nozzle to function efficiently and without any problems. Compared to the traditional systems, they are also fail-proof, and consequently they also alleviate the stress in the operation and the maintenance of the system, as a whole.   

Drawbacks Of External Nozzles:

There was a time when the external nozzles were used in greater numbers compared to that of the internal hot runner nozzle. However, there are lots of drawbacks of these external ones due to which their needs have almost been eliminated in the recent days. If a single nozzle leaks in a heated system, it is natural for the leaked plastic to follow the channels of the fire resulting in flooding. This in turn, can definitely lead to a great mess in the entire built up of the system. Repairing job might also be quite expensive in such a case.

Therefore, when it is time for you to choose a hot runner system with nozzles because it is associated with the entire production of the mold, you should definitely give emphasis to the internal nozzles. The initial cost of invest might be high, but when you compare the overall cost of operation and maintenance, you will definitely be able to save your money. Therefore, do not give any second thought to investing on the internal nozzles while investing in these systems. You should also remember that these systems work well with hot halves that are available in the market.

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