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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hot Runner Heater plays a great influence on injection processing and the Hot Runner working stability

The hot runner system is in thermal equilibrium, the ideal state of the system make sure the security of given temperature. Hot runner heater can be uniformly heated, and compensate for lost heat. By sensitive thermocouples and temperature controller, effective and accurate temperature control of the manifold of hot runner system and nozzles. Hot runner heater should be carried out in the hot runner structure reasonable and with a reasonable temperature measurement points in each heating zone. The heater should be reliable insulation and safe, durable, there should be strong to prevent mechanical damage and anti-corrosion ability. The configuration of the manifold heater and the heating zone is divided, the first consideration, and then the selection and arrangement of the structural design of the hot runner heater. Flow channel plate is divided into a plurality of heating zones, the implementation of the independent temperature control of each heating zone feed corresponds to a single or a plurality of nozzles, the manifold is divided into several heating zones, depending on the number and size of the nozzle.

Each point of injection nozzles is equipped with a hot runner heater, thermocouple and a heating zone. Apart from a few shorter mainstreams Road unheated and independent heated sprue nozzle also is a heating zone. But the effect precise adjustment of the temperature of the board of the flow channel of the multi-cavity mold, the fewer the number of heating zones, the lower the cost of the hot runner equipment.

Each heating zone has a thermocouple and a separate heater. The connectors are properly connected with the temperature and the heating element grouping, otherwise it will burn components.

The common manifold using the external heating method heat source in the board of the melt flow channel of the outer wall in the flow channel.

The hot runner within the internal heating of the manifold and the nozzle inner heating comprises heating of the inner nozzle to improve the temperature distribution in the gate area. But the high technical difficulties within the heated flow channel plate to save energy and low-cost, easy to operate, but it is rarely applied. Runner plate within the heating is the heating rod as a mandrel is placed in the center of the flow channel.

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