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Friday, 19 July 2013

The Reasons of Using And Variation Of Hot Runner Heaters

 There is a vast change in the technology of injection molding systems. It is primarily focused on making the process of the plastic industry simpler. It is a prompt and an ideal system in order to promote the heating effect of the plastic products. Injection molding works along with two different categories of machines. The first one is the cold runners and the other is the hot runner heaters. The later ones were previously not much in use because of its continuous breakdowns. However, these issues have been overcome with the advent of advanced technology. This has shown a positive drift along with time. 

The system uses a less power and is cost-effective in use. Moreover the production time is comparatively reduced as it was with the previous times. You do not have to wait for the machine to freeze like the cold system. There are variations of the system and some of which is an externally heated hot runner that poses a lowest drop of temperature. It is also better to change the color of plastic. They are good for the materials that are thermally sensitive in nature.  

The second variety is an internally heated one that requires a pressure to hold the component. Contrary to the former one it is difficult to change the color of the plastic. It is useful in offering a better control of gate tip. It is useful in operating the runner heat because it insulates a frozen layer. This type of a layer is formed inside the channel flow against a steel wall. 
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