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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Basic Concept And Steps Involved In Hot Runner Installation

The new hot runner system has come up with new standards of installation. The latest innovations are that to improve the advantages of the base of the system. There is an advent of new technique of maintenance that has added on to the feasibility of the system. Besides all the minor elements, that is a lot more on the installation of new technology and a few of these have been laid down. The new concept of hot runner installation is to reduce the number of caps that are made of a temperature-resistant material.

The plastic is flexible and is made of an innovative substance. The first step in the procedure to install the components of the new technology is to insert the nozzle. It is the responsibility of the technician to check whether it is touching with the nozzle of the mold. After the successful completion of the first steps the manifold is to be kept at a 100% vertical position of the mold. The exact length of the needle is set under different conditions of the temperature.  

The needle of the parts is kept at a secured position. It is easy to assemble the part of the hot system into the parts of the mold. The top-most position is to shut-off the position of the nozzle when the pressure of the air is applied. The dimension of the part of the base should be machined at an equivalent height. It is important to consider the expansion of heat of the components. The dimension of the stop-most components should then be lowered. 

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