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Monday, 18 February 2013

Hot Runner Mould Heaters For Maintenance And Control Of Heat Inside The Runner

The hot runner is performing the work of keeping the plastic granules in their liquid state as they have a controller for temperature and can keep the internal temperature to the same place for the free flowing of the material. The hot runner nozzle in the runner is of two types and one is heated internally and the other type is the external heating of the nozzle with the help of coils. These coils run externally and are heated. 

When these coils are heated the touch of the coil does not remain constant. There are some air bags created in the middle and so the coil does not heat the runner in a uniform manner. The hot runner mould heaters are used for keeping the temperature inside in control and in an uniform state. The control on heat is the main condition for injection molds and these are for the creating heat profiles that can help in reduce of materials that goes waste. Now the material remains liquid and the nozzles are better tipped and the molds can also take more heated materials.

These eliminates the chance of overheating in the runner or the leaking of the liquid or the maintenance downtime for the nozzle when you have these hot runners for using in the preparation of the molded goods. The hot runner is therefore preferred over the cold runner mode and still there is many a factory where both the runners are used for different types of situations. The incorporation of internally heated runners are preferred in most cases but the factories continue maintaining both the processes. 

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