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Monday, 25 February 2013

Hot Runner Gives A Better Production Within A Normal Lead Time

The hot runner system or the molds are better equipped with the advantages of less materials for preparation and hence shorter cycles of the process. The regrind of the plastics that are hardened are not done in this system as they remain liquid inside the runner. The hot runners are a little expensive at the inset but as you continue to produce the goods, you will find there are little maintenance charge and you can get the good produced in much lesser cost than you had been doing till now.

The new level of expertise is gained through the new system of hot runner injection mould which can change the idea of the mold making. The system is not complicated or specialized for few technicians to operate the mold but with some good training all of the workers can learn the way to operate the injection mold. The leading manufacturers have a leading team of workers who help even in the proper installation of hot runner and in starting of the system. You can get the workers easily to work on the production side as they do not need much specific knowledge about the operation of the runner.

The initial investment of the hot runner system can be considered to be on the higher but as you continue working with the system you will find the system is good and will give you long term benefits. The design of the system is simple and the so the hot runner reduces cost of production as there is nothing that can make the whole thing time consuming or costly. The lead time is low and the liquid inside the runner that is placed in the molds are always the allowed to harden and then another nozzle is used for the rest of the materials. This reduces the cost of regrinding or of wastage of the materials. 

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