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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Importance Of The Presence Of Hot Runner System In The Injection Molding Equipment

You must have seen plastic parts in several designs and shapes. These are mainly because of the molds that are produced through the injection molding process. One of the major components of an injection molding machine is a hot runner system. The material that comes into this system is left in a molten state, but is not ejected with a molded part. The importance and usage of this system is immensely felt in the injection molding machines in today’s date.

Different Types:

There are generally two different types or varieties in which a hot runner system is available. The insulated runner molds are one of them which comprise of oversized molds in mold plate. It helps in giving insulted effect to the plastic when heat is applied to it and provides a molten flow path. On the other hand, there are heated runners which are again available in two different designs. These can be internally heated or externally heated. The first system takes the advantages of insulating effect by means of which it melts the plastic. The second is available with different types of insulating features.

Making Use As Per Needs:

The injection molding machines that are manufactured today are available with different kinds of hot runners. It is rightly on the basis of the needs that the hot runner on the machine can be installed and used. Each of these is available with different types of features and specifications. Knowing about these in advance can really prove to be beneficial and effective.

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