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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Best Mould Temperature Controller For The Hot Runner In Molding Machine

The mould temperature controller is the essential part in the injection molding machine to maintain the optimum temperature in the molding process. The temperature in the mold should be maintained so that the molten plastic do not transform its state and settles down in the manifold and the hot runner. Thus the Anole Injection Tech provides you the best quality temperature controller with the best digital designs to eliminate errors. The temperature controllers are available in different forms based on the control circuitry used. These controllers designs are embedded system based controller and the intelligent controller with the touch screen. 

The Anole Injection Tech’s mould temperature controller have the innovative designs which are easy to operate and consumes less power. The digital circuitry has the controller which was programmed with proportional integral algorithm which filter out the error created by the non linear devices during the state transition period and produces the accurate temperature control. This helps to manufacture fine finished plastic product. The heating element is made by the special metal that can withstand high temperature and it is imported from Germany. The heating elements are available in different shapes such as the heating strips, heating coils and tubular heating material. 

The Anole Injection Tech uses best controller elements to manufacture the mould temperature controller which adds quality and accuracy to the temperature controller. The thermocouple which was imported from Germany is connected to the Anole’s temperature controller to monitor the accurate temperature in the molding machine. The intelligent temperature controller monitors the injection temperature with precision of ± 1C which will be helpful in the molded plastic ejection process. The hot runners and the mold temperature controllers provided by Anole Injection Tech are very economic to the customer who need to setup injection molding machine with quality equipments.

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