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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Perform the Hot Runner Installation in Your Mould with the Aid of Technicians of Anole

Among many companies who manufacture and install a hot runner system, Anole company is known for its procedure and technique used for the hot runner installation. It takes more care for the installation of all the elements of the hot runner system as it will cause problems if proper procedure is not followed while installation. The staffs of the company are well trained with all the process which is involved in the hot runner installation. Two steps are involved in installing the hot runner system which includes Installation of the nozzle and installation of the manifold. The engineers of Anole are very keen on the connection between the nozzle and the mould with the plastic seal part and base part which is very important to install the nozzle. 

The installation of manifold requires that the manifold must touch the nozzle. A plastic material will come out the place where the nozzle and the manifold get connected. The technicians of Anole are very strict to that exact length of the needle must be set under the conditions of processing temperature. This company relies mostly on the quality of the products so they have invested their hard works and efforts to provide a high quality runner system to its company. The Hot Runner Installation is keenly observed as it plays the major role in the working of the hot runner system in a better way and to ensure the long life of the system. The professionals of the company will provide necessary information about operating the hot runner system and they install the system in the mould to favor their customers. 

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