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Monday, 21 January 2013

Effectiveness of Regular Hot Runner Maintenance

You must be aware of the fact that the hot runner is definitely an important part of the mold system by means of which plastic molds can be made quite easily. In the recent days, with the tremendous progression of technology, the system has also become advanced with several parts that have also increased the efficiency and the performance of the system, as a whole. However, it is very important for every mold builder to invest in good quality runners, by means of which the system can produce effective outcome. This is the reason regular inspection of the system is essential.

Regular Maintenance:

It is also very important to regularly go for hot runner maintenance. Without proper maintenance of the system, it will not be possible to manage the system smoothly and efficiently. In addition to that, maintaining the system properly and regularly will also enhance the durability of the system, as a whole. If you are a mold builder, one of the best things that you would like about it is that the maintenance and cleaning task associated with this system is absolutely very easy, and therefore, you will not have spend much time in maintaining and cleaning the system. The only thing that you need to see in this context is that you maintain it at a regular interval.

Lowering cost

If you want to lower your cost associated with the operation as well as fixing of the problems of the hot runner, you will have to maintain the system properly. This in turn, will surely assure you that the system will be managed quite efficiently, and you will not have to invest huge. Apart from that, it will also be easy for you to detect the leaks or problems, if any, so that you can instantly repair it and get solutions at the earliest by having to spend less.

Benefits of Maintenance:

Some of the benefits that you can enjoy with proper hot runner maintenance include:

·         Reduced waste of materials,
·         Reduced time,
·         Increase in productivity and efficiency, which will also result in increased reliability,
·         Easy to clean,
·         Easy to disassemble when the mold is in the molding machine.

Now that you are well aware of the benefits that you will get with regular maintenance, you should definitely start it at the earliest. This will also give you lots of relief from your hassles.

Following a Procedure:

There is a particular procedure by means of which you can carry out the hot runner maintenance. However, prior to cleaning it, you should be aware of the type of mold that is present within the system. There are some parts that you will have to disassemble, and this is absolutely not a difficult task for you. Make sure that you disconnect the power connections, and remove the nozzle before cleaning. These are few of the important things that you should always remember, so that it is absolutely easy for you to carry out the task. 

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