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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Anole hot runner system supplier uses high quality steel material and the best heating elements

With the development of plastic injection domain, hot runner system has emerged to replace cold runner system. Except some raw materials, which are not suitable for hot runner, such as PVC, nylon plastic, etc. what’s the reason of increasing numbers of plastic injection products companies are big on hot runner product? Here I list some root causes according to above question.

First, in virtue of hot runner system feature, there is no cold plastic material in the runner and mould, which would dispense with recycling cold waste material. Especially for expensive plastic materials and cannot reclaim the waste materials, hot runner system can help you saving raw material cost greatly. According to some statistics, hot runner will recover hot runner charge within 2 to 3 months when during a normal production. 

Second, hot runner can improve products quality. Because the melted plastic material temperature will not lower easily that compare with three plates mould. Nevertheless, cold runner mould should make up melted plastic temperature by increasing the injection temperature. As a result, hot runner technology makes melted plastic material flowing easier. Large, thin wall, difficult to treating plastic products are particularly suitable for putting in use hot runner product. 

Third, hot runner system made by good hot runner supplier can achieve automated production and enhance the rate of production. Due to injection mold with hot runner does not need to take the waste plastic material out after injection molding processing. It is conducive to spurge and production separate automatically, in order to reduce injection cycle time. 

Forth, strengthen injection machine function. The melted plastic material in hot runner system has contributed to the impression of pressure. It reduces pressure losing and injection pressure, clamping power further. In addition, it cut down injection pressure holding time. In addition, it can form big plastic products in small injection machine when using hot runner not cold runner. 

Fifth, hot runner will advance consistency and balance of plastic products.

If, however, you want your injection mold achieve above standards. You should choose a good hot runner supplier to design and process your hot runner system. A good hot runner supplier will offer you a perfect solution by Mold flow. What’s more, they have a strong design and processing team, which has rich experience in injection molding line. Anole hot runner supplier research and development in hot runner market for more than 10 years. Every yeah, we put up big money in new products development. Up to now, we become stronger and stronger. Hot half system, multi-tip for one nozzle, small hot nozzle, long hot nozzle, etc. in the meanwhile, we are the agent of German heating elements (GC & HOTSET) in China, which praised as the most durable and most stable heating system in Germany. 

Anole hot runner system supplier selects and uses high quality steel material and the best heating elements to assure our quality. We have many leading manufacturing equipments, such as 5 axis milling machine, high speed milling machine, precision EDM machine and wire cutting machine. 

Welcome to come and visit our company. You are going to obtain the best service and perfect solution from Anole hot runner supplier.

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