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Friday, 26 October 2012

Anole Hot Runner System for Injection Moulds

Mould heaters are basically used in hot runner system(anole) for injection moulds, the purpose is heating the whole hot runner system up to keep the plastic material under melting state so there won't any cold sub-runners or any vestige left on the molded part surface. Anole is one of the best mould heaters makers in China, can provide you mould heaters with best cost performance.

Mould heaters-hot nozzle ( heater or hot sprue bush heaters.
These series of mould heaters are used for the hot nozzles. Usually it has round or square at the cutting surface. Anole provides the square type nozzle injection molding heaters at 4.2*2.2mm but also can be customized according to the customers' requirements.

Hot nozzle mould heaters applications:

·         Hot runner system nozzle and bushings
·         Hot runner injection moulds
·         PET preform and thin wall container moulds
·         Hot runner crate moulds
·         Valve gate hot runner system
·         Pump mould injection molding

Hot runner nozzle mould heaters can be used either with or without thermocouples. If it is used with thermocouples, then it can be well installed and well connected with the nozzle body, but the disadvantage is: it can be interred with each other .If it is used without thermocouple. Then the hot runner system supplier has to install the heater and the thermocouple very well.

Anole hot runner system can offer flexible mould heaters with a layer of Ni outside of the heater which can cover the heat more than 80% back to the manifold. This series of fixable heaters has a lot of good advantages: easily installation fast heating full used headlong heating life easily replacement.etc. Anole supplies standard with 6mm×6mm and also can be customized.

If you have any requirements on Anole mould heaters or injection molding heaters, please contact us. Anole team will do the very best to satisfy you.

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